Beirut Office:


Centre Unifert, Barbar Aboujaoude Street,
Jdeidet el Metn

Postal address:

B.P. 116/2395 Palais de Justice, Beirut, Lebanon


(961.1) 901.317


(961.1) 874.664

Paris Office:

118, rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France (Cabinet Me. R. Safa)

Major Operations

The law firm participated lately in the following operations:

  • Acquisition of a gas distribution network in Lebanon
  • Incorporation of financial companies regulated by Central Bank of Lebanon
  • Listing of companies and banks on the Beirut Stock Exchange
  • Structuring and restructuring of groups in Luxembourg, Belgium, and France
  • IPO of a supermarket group
  • IPO of a bank
  • GDR issuing by a bank
  • Merger & Acquisition of banks and companies
  • Legal due diligence of several public and private companies and projects
  • Incorporation of a hospital specialized in cancer therapy
  • Legal restructuring of a leading hospital
  • Public infrastructure project in the Northern side of Beirut
  • Syndicated loans for construction projects
  • Financial leasing
  • Incorporation and follow-up of numerous offshore and holding companies in Lebanon, Luxembourg and the Channel Islands
  • Launching of a banking loan program for vehicles
  • Launching of a financial leasing program for vehicles
  • Setting up of a private banking department within a Lebanese bank
  • Setting up of fiduciary departments within a bank and a financial company
  • International Chamber of Commerce arbitration (as arbitrator and as counsel)
  • Participation to the drafting of the law on financial leasing
  • Participation to the drafting of the law on privatization
  • Participation to various committees with Ministries, Central Bank and professional associations
  • Conducting of global survey of environmental laws and cases, and drafting of acts
  • Legal Report for the United Nations on a major environmental disaster
  • High profile administrative legal proceedings before the Conseil d’Etat
  • Long-term consulting missions for the European Commission in the MENA countries : on ADR, on international migration, etc.
  • Various missions with the UN and the World Bank
  • Assets-backed securitization operations in Lebanon
  • First Islamic securitization in Saudi Arabia
  • IFC Credit Lines for private projects in Lebanon (bank consortium)
  • Setting up of cross-borders joint ventures
  • Structuring of major real estate & construction projects
  • Aircraft and vessel sale & acquisition