Beirut Office:


Centre Unifert, Barbar Aboujaoude Street,
Jdeidet el Metn

Postal address:

B.P. 116/2395 Palais de Justice, Beirut, Lebanon


(961.1) 901.317


(961.1) 874.664

Paris Office:

118, rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France (Cabinet Me. R. Safa)

Representative Clients

The firm has a broad base of Lebanese and foreign corporate clients:

  • A Lebanese bank listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange and its sister companies in Dubai and Europe.
  • A financial company focusing on structured finance and securitization.
  • A major Lebanese petroleum terminal.
  • A real estate and construction group.
  • An Egyptian grain terminal.
  • The only Lebanese pesticides factory.
  • An international fertilizers and pesticides trading company.
  • Two leading hospitals, one of which is specialized in cancer therapy.
  • A medical laboratory.
  • A major US-based international hotel operator.
  • Luxembourg SOPARFI.
  • Various holding and offshore companies in Luxembourg, Lebanon and the Channel Islands.
  • A mall operator.
  • A multinational media group.
  • A tourist and beach resort.
  • A steel factory.
  • A paper factory.
  • Lebanon Ministry of Environment.
  • Lebanon Ministry of Economy.
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).